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Petrushka is one of the oldest and most mysterious characters of the puppet theatre.

For a long time traditional Petrushka glovepuppet shows have been a symbol of Russian puppet theatre.

One actor, a puppeteer, secretly, staying inside the booth, directs Petrushka and all the puppets.The other one, a Musician, stands in front of the curtain playing hurdy-gurdy and conversing with Petrushka and the audience.

Petrushka is performed using a complex ancient technique with a distinctive squeaking voice made by a special sound modificator called pischik, swazzle in English.

The show is interactive and clear to everyone without any translation.

Petrushka has many brothers all over the world: Pulcinella in Italy, Punch in the UK, Polichinelle in France, Kasperle in Germany, Mobarak in Iran and Karagiozis in Greece!

Petrushka at the Fair by Vagrant Booth Theatre was staged in 2009.

Performance duration 40 minutes. For everyone over the age of 4

In 2012 the performance Petrushka at the Fair was awarded with Tallinn Treff Festivals Jury Prize for preserving and bringing to new life a centuries old tradition!

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