Founded in 1989 by Alexander Gref Vagrant Booth Theatre (Brodiachy Vertep in Russian) is an experimental laboratory puppet theatre.

Our repertoire includes three performances: The Death of King Herod a Vertep Christmas mystery; Petrushka at the Fair the Russian Punch; Dancing puppets ancient trick puppets.

Vagrant Booth Theatre has toured all over the world and participated in more than 40 festivals: USA, Germany, Belorussia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Iran, France, Russia.

The show Petrushka at the fair was awarded with Tallinn Treff Festivals Jury Prize (2012, Estonia)

The Death of King Herod took Grand Prix at the Nyabiosy Festival (2016, Belorussia)

All the shows are interactive. Live music of traditional instruments, national melodies and songs accompany performances.

Vagrant Booth is very mobile. Our shows can be performed in a theater or in a cafe, in a living room during some family feast or in a street where the crowd is slowly passing by.

Our main goal is to find ways for ancient folk art to live in the modern world.

Petrushka at the Fair
the Russian Punch

The Death of King Herod
a Vertep Christmas mystery

Dancing puppets
ancient trick puppets

Vagrant Booth Theatre, Russia 127055 Moscow, Vadkovskij lane, 3

Alexander Gref
Elena Slonimskaya